Out of My League

Out of My League

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Angel Earnshaw By angl_ernshw Completed

All her life, Asteria had been raised to be one thing and one thing alone: a killer. 

And she's good at it. Why wouldn't she be, when she's been trained by the greatest assassins of the world- the League of Shadows. But now she's been sent on a new mission- to watch over the heir Ra's has chosen. The boy she trained with and grew up with, and who just so happens to be the son of Batman. 

She and Damian Wayne have been separated for over three years. Will she still recognize the ten- year- old boy she said good bye to? Or will she come face to face with a stranger? Not only that, but she is overwhelmed with all his friends, especially a boy that goes by the name of Nightwing. 

Does Damian need Asteria's protection? Or does Asteria need Damian and his friends? And most importantly, will the change in Damian also happen to her?

II Book One of the Shadows of the Night trilogy II
All characters belong to the DC comics universe, except Asteria. She's purely from my imagination (as far as I know).

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Bo150------0 Bo150------0 Mar 10, 2018
Ok soooooo im kinda new to like all the comic stuff sor bart allen why is he here from the future?
CherryfangIIEve CherryfangIIEve Dec 10, 2017
Oh god....I watched a few Darkiplier videos and WKM like an hour ago and the temptation to say “I missed you” aloud is so real rn
MaiPollyPerson MaiPollyPerson Oct 30, 2017
Most of my hero OC's are originally escape artists so this would be easy!
MaiPollyPerson MaiPollyPerson Oct 30, 2017
                              Read my last comment
                              (It was about her being an Escape Artist)
abcdefghijklmCry abcdefghijklmCry Sep 22, 2018
My bff Raven30051 acts and hast to be asteria,there the same..I'm Raven due to my personality and my damirae!
Irenegenemau Irenegenemau Aug 22, 2018
I some how read that as I'll forget to never remember you.... What is wrong with me?