Deliciously Thick

Deliciously Thick

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Tiana Kaylor By KoolOut14 Updated Nov 29, 2015

"You mine and mine only. Everything you are and own is mine." He growled lowly into my ears. His hot breath fanning neck.

"Yeah sure. I'm too fat for your love." A tear slipped out. "Plus look at you, you could get every girl you want, so  why me." 

He turned me around to face him. "Your are not fat you are beautiful. And those stretch  marks is one for every beautiful thing about you." He hissed as he took off my top tracing me marks. "You're are gorgeous and mine."

Why don't you just pee on me and make me your territory." I joked, moaning enjoying the feel of his mouth. 

"Don't temp me." He whispered before pushing me off of him and walking out the door slamming it my face. "Learn to love yourself first."

"You've done to much bad to me, for me to love myself." I mumbled as a tear left my eyes and arrived in my cheek. 

Follow a young girl thought her journey of life, power, abuse, pain, acceptance and love.

azusa8 azusa8 Aug 23
Lol, I've only heard my family use the word platte, all of my friends say braid 😂😂
Bruh when i saw the title I was like yass all these books only have skinny girls but this is different I'll vote every chapter
Mimi3n2102 Mimi3n2102 Jul 24
What type of language is that I don't think I recognized it??
Her name is legit the way my name is pronounced so I feel very hurt.
ilybbymama ilybbymama Dec 29, 2016
I so lazy ill give up at just the thought of running. U my friend r an overachiever 👏👏
Girl, I was about to miss the bus one day and the bus driver said I was gonna have to run to the bus...I almost broke my fave mean mugging him. 
                              Never road the bus again