That One Special Boy

That One Special Boy

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bamagirl_1675 By bamagirl_1675 Updated Jun 08, 2016

*2 years ago*

I hear a shrieking scream coming from downstairs as I go down the stairs I see my oldest brother Dewayne also known as DJ holding my mother tightly.
(A=Anita D=DJ S=Selena-mother)
A: "Mom what's wrong?"
S:*crying*" sweetheart daddy was just killed in a car accident".

I stood their shocked I felt like I couldn't breath. My back hit the wall and I slid down. I thought about all the things me and my father did together. I balled up and cried into my chest.

D:"Come here Anita". I went to my brother and my mother. All three of us cried for a while.
*2 weeks later*
It's the day of my father's funeral and I wasn't ready to see his life less body in the casket. As the funeral went on, the pastor asked me to say something about my father.
A:"My father was a caring, kind, loving man. I just saw him before he passed. He always told to never give up and follow my dreams. He knew I loved to sing, so I would like to sing this song for him." I sung Fly Away by Auburn when I was done ...

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