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Gray Skies

Gray Skies

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Pixelbutterfly By Pixelbutterfly Completed

What happens when Camp Half-Blood and Hogwarts meet? Percy Jackson is asked to teach at Hogwarts as the new DADA teacher, but will he last as a professor? Voldemort is getting ready to kill Harry, and the war is coming up. Will the demigods ally themselves with the wizards? Or will they let their differences split them?

Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 27
I thought it said "A boy with blonde hair, flipped his hair."
Percy as a teacher: Do you guys know where the donuts are? 
                              Class: We don't have any?
                              Teacher Percy: That'll be a fail for you, and you and you
half-bloodwizard5 half-bloodwizard5 3 days ago
More like...
                              *Wake up with five minutes to spare
                              *Too tired to get up
                              *Throw a random shirt and pants on
                              *Forget to brush hair
                              *Is still late
                              I mean come on this is Percy we are talking about
                              (Of course no hate to the author I am just messing around)
Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Apr 27
Teacher: "Hey I know you're new and all and know nothing about magic and you are pratically a stranger, but will you be our DADA teacher since we are that desapparate. (I know I spelled desperate wrong)
natacobtw natacobtw Jun 12
Hogwarts is in Scotland but Diagon Alley is in London. People tends to mix it up or forget.
natacobtw natacobtw Jun 12
in the book, archery isnt one of Wills  best ability. It's Kayla's. Austin is the musician. and Will is the doctor.