Declawed and Alone

Declawed and Alone

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Calypso By KandeltSlipstream Completed

A breeder has successfully bred a majestic white tiger and names the beast 'Wildcat.' The breeder only wants to sell the big cat for money and does so, selling Wildcat away to a worn down 'rescue.' It turned out to be a lab centre and they made wildcat a shape-shifter, being able to shape-shift into a human. The centre did this before but all escaped. Even after being sold, he gets abused and has never been fed good food. He got declawed a few days after he entered the centre and lives in a tiny cage with 3 blank walls and a window. 

A man, living the good life, has always been keeping his shape-shifting abilities a secret. Surprisingly he found friends that too can shape-shift and told them that he can turn into a fox. The others found that normal as one can turn into an owl, another a raccoon, an eagle, two monkeys and..a bulldog. The man was named mini. Mini was never fully happy, he couldn't find his perfect match and is searching for them.

How will Mini find his special someone?

  • adventure
  • animals
  • minicat
  • romance
  • supernatural
actualtrash666 actualtrash666 Jun 09, 2015
This is such a great story, and I love the picture you drew! I can't wait for the next update! >.<
Demons_Await Demons_Await Jun 03, 2015
I like the picture, So cute <3 Yeah, It was a little odd but I'm not one to judge.