Forced To Marry A Gang Leader

Forced To Marry A Gang Leader

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Vera Moretti By SittingDuckling Updated Sep 25, 2017

"Don't you dare look away from me." He hisses at her through clenched teeth, his fingers weaving through her hair, causing her to gasp as he tilted her head back, his cold eyes boring into hers. He lifts her up slightly, pushing her harder onto the counter so that his body was the only thing holding her up from the ground and she had no choice but to wrap her legs around his waist to prevent herself from falling. 

He knew. He knew exactly what he was doing. 

He leans down, causing her to shudder as his lips teasingly trace up her neck and to her ear, his hot breath sending chills down her entire body. She bites the inside of her cheek, hating the effect he had on her as she squeezes her eyes shut at his next words, his body completely taking control over hers.

"You are mine and you will always be mine."

Notorious gang leader, Alani Hale, has always been known for her cunning tricks and her downright ruthlessness. She doesn't think twice before taking a life and the only thing she looks out for is her gang. 

That is, until Lucas Rossi came along.

His gang used to be weak, soft, easy to overthrow. Now, while using that to his advantage over the years, he easily took down as many gangs as he wanted, building up his empire and aiming for one thing that stuck in his mind: Alani. 

The dark haired, mysterious girl who had overthrown his gang years before is now only a couple miles from him and he's taking advantage of it. He wants her. And he will stop at nothing to get her. But Alani doesn't go so easily. 

After all, she's known for her skill. There's no way she won't go down without a fight.

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This story is kind of REALLY familiar.................okay sorreh
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i think i saw some sparks........hate sparks if i wasnt clear....:)))
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Well seeing how you're getting married to him you probably should have seen it coming......
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Oh thank God, I thought that was her father being a disgusting creep