Normal Life~///AU Mikaela x Yuichiro

Normal Life~///AU Mikaela x Yuichiro

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Live and die by the meme By Kiseki-o Updated May 13

No vampires... 

No apocalypse... 

What if everything was just... Normal. 

~Seraph of the end/Owari No Seraph~ ~Alternate Universe~

>>Currently on Hiatus due to writers block. The last actual update was in December 2015.<<

Omfg where's your chill Yuu?
                              Oh wait there is no chill in this cruel world we call reality
DrxamBits DrxamBits Apr 23
OMG, realmente está hermoso :'v aunque no entendí la mayoría xD
                              Se ve que esta buena ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)
                              Bye :v/
Me.....Well I crushed my controller........Still broke either way.
What is Mika's favorite Christmas song?
                              All I Want For Christmas is Yuu ಥ‿ಥ
raycharu raycharu Aug 23
Are you still gonna eat his unborn child. Maybe you should eat his ass first. ;)
Me: Awww
                              BEN: GAYYYYY
                              Me: * gets out nerf super soaker * Apologize 
                              BEN: * whimpers * I'm sorry 
                              Me: * hugs BEN * That's better