Pregnant By My Bully? | J. G. (Completed) ✔️

Pregnant By My Bully? | J. G. (Completed) ✔️

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"What the fuck is wrong with you?! You did this on purpose just so I can be with you forever. Well guess what, fuck you and your baby you whore, it's probably not even mine you're so full of your God damn self! I wish I never met you!" he yelled. 

After he realized what he said, he began to soften. Tears were streaming down my face, I was terrified and the fact that he wished he never met me? I'm a whore? I'm so full of myself?

"I understand." I said shakily.

I'm Jasmine, Jasmine Marie Grace. I was 17 when I got pregnant by my own bully.

I know I know, but he wasn't always my bully though. We were best friends at one point, then everything took a turn and fell apart.

During my Junior year in high school, Jack and I became friends. We still had our ups and downs, but we grew closer and that's when I got pregnant.


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xmultix xmultix May 07, 2017
BITCHHHHH . If you don't get your irrelevant khaki pants ass outta here .smh
gurlll_puhhlease gurlll_puhhlease Sep 26, 2017
Ummm I’m just going to pretend I didn’t read the whole outfit thing...
What colour r blexicon I swear they're olive or dark tanned skin :) I just love tan skin they look peng 😘😘
ajtrcy ajtrcy Dec 13, 2016
Wow, may lord be by your side the whole way. Go to the local church and pray dude.
spoopym spoopym Jun 20, 2016
And i have feeling he is dared to do that eh, it always end up like that
smolsinnabuns smolsinnabuns Nov 23, 2016
So let's get this straight he bullied the girl he supposedly likes that's elementary school all over again