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Superhero Roleplay

Superhero Roleplay

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Kara Danvers By frazelfanfics Updated Dec 15, 2016

Superheroes Roleplay!
Sorry this is not PJO/HoO related but I LOVE superheroes so yea.
 Anyone can roleplay.

1Sunshine5 1Sunshine5 Jun 22, 2016
*coughs* I think Spate breaks this rule... *coughs* @frazelfanfics @kissmecait
LilBabyApple LilBabyApple Dec 27, 2016
(Can I possibly make an OC that is the child of a villain and a hero?? It's okay if not, I was just wondering)
Lunarcrafter Lunarcrafter Feb 20, 2016
Do you have to be a hero or a villain? Can you just be an anti hero?
ROTGChildOfTheNight ROTGChildOfTheNight Dec 13, 2016
                              I'll try being active if I'm not,that means I'm most likely asleep or Watty is being slow
((Is this still open to join, and if so, can I tag you in a form or do I have to remake it here?))