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Casey is having the time of her life. She's 18, allowed to drink and she's ready to hit up the night clubs.  One night, Casey parties a little TOO hard and a unknown man takes advantage of her. He threatens her with a knife and she has no choice but to follow his instructions. He orders her into his van and the party continues on outside, oblivious to the fact that Casey was getting kidnapped.

Her best friend, Dan leads her search investigation and is determined to find her. Along the way, Dan realises he has feelings that are more than friendly towards Casey. Weeks go by and there is still no sign of Casey. Will Dan ever find her?

Whilst Casey is held captive, she discoveries information about her life and herself that she had no idea about. She also discovers that her kidnapper is someone she had only heard about, someone she thought never existed.

-haven -haven Jun 04
Bro, it's just a cruiser. Wait until you've had atleast 3 for tipsiness HAHAH
Skyfire007 Skyfire007 Feb 15
I think it should be serve... Severing customers would just be gory
NhungCauVanHay NhungCauVanHay Dec 12, 2015
Wait, Dan just disappeared? Left her all alone? I BET HES DAN!
BookwormofDoom BookwormofDoom Nov 20, 2015
I'm Mrs bright side see what I did there if you are a Killers fan I changed it from Mr bright side to Mrs bright side
the_diary_of_me the_diary_of_me Jun 24, 2014
@NmJustLovingED i love kidnapping stories too... you should read 'kidnapped to be sold' its really good
Rainbow98 Rainbow98 Apr 04, 2013
@Rachel_Horan aww thank you but yeah unfortunately im not planning on doing a sequel sorry, glad you enjoyed it though :) xx