The House of Bells:  The Essences Saga - Book #1

The House of Bells: The Essences Saga - Book #1

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Min Meyer is not the typical thirty-two year old single woman.  In fact, the only truth to that sentence is that she is single.  

Min was once called Need -- the Essence of Need.  A spiritual body that governed and guided that aspect of the human soul.  And she is not really thirty-two, rather an indeterminable age from when the species of man first roamed the earth.

Silas Blake is a divorced, normal man in his mid-thirties.  And Min's new boss.  He allowed a woman to control his heart once before, but his ex-wife never had the alluring power of his newest employee.  

Add in six, precocious teenage girls, one meddling group of Essences, and the fate of a child that will save the world.

Some things just can't be left up to chance.