Wicked Winter Book. 1

Wicked Winter Book. 1

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Highest Ranking: #7 in Fantasy (01/13/17)

Book. 1

Eve Scotts's world is divided by magic - The Order of the Seven who rules over her kingdom with a steel fist and the murderous faeries's she'll be forced to fight when she turns eighteen. Eve is a dueler, a human that dabbles in the elements to fight in underground scuffles for some extra coin to feed her fellow orphans back home. But she has a secret weapon: She can wield ice magic - a magic that is only reserved for the High Witches at court.

But she makes a mistake. She exposes herself. Rumors are spreading of a small orphan girl who can wield the power of ice, and it isn't long until the Order sends one of their own to snatch up the bounty.

In exchange for the secrecy of her special gift, Eve agrees to participate in the Witches Academy, where humans are taught to wield the power of the elements and become powerful witch soldiers for the Order's disposal. As Eve is drawn further into the Witch world, she risks everything to learn more about her power and her lineage. 

With her frozen heart melting for the Count of Night, Sebastian O'Neill, Eve is thrown into a cyclone of love, betrayal, and family drama she hadn't even known an orphan could inherit. Soon, Eve must decide: Is love, or survival more important?

Word Count: 102,000

uyan-chan uyan-chan 5 days ago
Hey I love ur writing can u message me I do have some questions
actuallynoteable actuallynoteable Dec 29, 2016
Great book description, I was hooked once I read what it was about. A lot of authors on wattpad have issues writing descriptions, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read yours.
ThatRolePlayer001 ThatRolePlayer001 Dec 25, 2016
So only actually clicked on this book because I thought the owl had human legs photoshopped onto it... and I was like WTF?! but then I read the blurb and it actually seems cool!
Sounds nice
                              u look like a kind person. I dont meet those alot 
                              My English is not strong too, but it's getting better
ThatOneDino ThatOneDino Jan 06
It's fine. Anyways sometimes errors in writing can sometimes end up being super hilarious.
Socialrecluse Socialrecluse Dec 23, 2016
Holy shinobi! The blurb looks incredible! You have me reading this with stars in my eyes already