Pleasing Alpha Junior

Pleasing Alpha Junior

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"Say it." He growls dangerously close to my face.
"Say you don't want this and I'll let you go." He challenges. 
He knows too well.
He knows I want this.
But I will stand my ground.
I open my mouth to object but I can't because he doesn't give me the option.
He crashes his lips roughly onto mine..

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I get up at 6 every morning and get to school at 6:30 and school starts at 7 and ends at 3
My mom does this every day except its actually true😥 class starts at 8 but she tells me the time is 7.09 when i should be on the train heading to Manhattan that time
If my friend did this to me.... let's just say she wouldn't wanna be my friend anymore.
if that happens does the moon goddess not just assign another one
BreCat BreCat Nov 04
8:40 am - 3:15 pm, and on fridays 9:40 am - 3:15 (sometimes we end at 3 if it rains/is wet during lunch)
My classes doesn't start till 8:05. But I need to be in the front of my house at 7:17. So I get up at 6:00