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Protector of the forest (Naruto Fanfiction)

Protector of the forest (Naruto Fanfiction)

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CaseyAnn By casey151 Updated Jul 31, 2016

Just outside the border of Konoha was a forest were a boy of 12 lived. He is the protector of the forest, he lives there with all the animals and foxes as well as his guardian, the kyuubi. One day team 7 goes in that forest on a mission and met with the little fox boy called Naruto. What will happen now? Will team 7 get to know the fox boy or leave him be? 

Find out now.
I do not own Naruto

I feel like as if the third is a pervert. I hear perverted giggles now... Oh god... They're... THEYRE INVADING!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!.... *dies*
Bloopdop Bloopdop Apr 02
Yes sakura on your grave stone it's going to say " Sakura Haruno, killed by random bush"
The changing forest reminds me of The Maze Runner
                              ..the maze changes so you get lost.
MangaMad23 MangaMad23 Jan 10
Damn. I didn't think sakura's stupidity broke through limits...
gibson1014 gibson1014 Aug 07, 2016
That's a bit of a stretch, they wouldn't be dead just merely lost
Tartaru00s Tartaru00s Jan 08
                              Set fire to your hair,
                              Poke a stick at a grizzly bear,
                              Eat medicine, that's out of date,
                              Use your private parts as piranha bait...