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Fiery Orange: Hamato Michelangelo Boyfriend Scenarios (WATTYS 2017)

Fiery Orange: Hamato Michelangelo Boyfriend Scenarios (WATTYS 2017)

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"How much pain do you have to go through until giving up is okay?" By TMNT-Queen Completed

You're just another teenage girl living in New York City, constantly criticized by your family and friends for your personality and style. You've begun to think that you'll never meet anyone who'll love you for you. 
  And then you meet Michelangelo. He's...different than the other guys, but his personality is exactly like your own: spazzy and awesome. And for the first time, you wonder if what you feel for the turtle is more than friendship.
  Does Mikey like you the same way? Or does he only see you as a friend, and nothing more? Will his family approve of your friendship?
  Read on to find out.
  Book 4 of 5

- - Nov 10, 2016
Fruit salad.
                              Yummy yummy.
                              I swear if yo get that reference I'll marry yo, wedding in my comments lmao
Crystal_Dreams24 Crystal_Dreams24 Feb 21, 2016
I tripped over air...thats how i knocked it that clumsy....
Blaccwolfe Blaccwolfe Oct 04, 2016
You are so lucky I don't the kriang to find me or I will unleash the Gaster Blasters
NovaNaut NovaNaut Feb 05, 2016
What did you expect me, a 'normal' human, to do? Pull out a fork and turn purple, then eat you???
Random_Person_73 Random_Person_73 Sep 12, 2016
She lucky i left my Ak-47 at the dumpsters where my ____ Kit too kill ____ (sorry i don't curse)
- - Nov 10, 2016
Okay look, I would have stabbed someone.
                              Me; *holing a spoon* WHO WANTS SUM!?!?!?
                              Sis: please sis, I dint mean it just put the sp-
                              Me GET SHANKED *stabs with spoon somehow* 
                              Sis: Dies*