~Red Riding Hood~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji}(Red Hood Diaries 1/3)

~Red Riding Hood~{Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji}(Red Hood Diaries 1/3)

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In the Victorian Era, a young boy named Ciel Phantomhive lost his parents and his mansion was burnt down two years ago. In the process of losing his parents, he seeks out to get revenge on those who killed them. Ciel summons a demon that he names Sebastian and makes a contract with him: Sebastian would serve and help Ciel avenge his parents' death in exchange..... for his soul....

Later on, they meet a girl who is nicknamed as "Little Red Riding Hood" or "the Maiden in Red." She has somehow lost her memory and calls herself Mystery. She meets Ciel, Sebastian, and the others and her life changes. However many desire this lovely maiden for their own needs, especially the demon Sebastian. Along the way, Mystery will encounter danger and secrets of her past and who she truly is. Who is she really?

*Won 2nd Place in the AnimeWattyAwards 2014 contest in the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler category

Sabastisn sabastian sabastian... ITS SEBASTIAN FOR F^CKS SAKES
Lies. You promised you would tell Ciel everything and hide no secrets from him.
VeahBates VeahBates Mar 28
Ooooooh Undertaker.... You called the ch- lord with a demon a child.
aimieg aimieg Jul 01
Sebastian seems happier than usual. I expected him to scold Meyrin and give her more chores
I am a girl version of undertaker like no joke, I even randomly start laughing in class!!!!
LokisPuppet LokisPuppet Dec 13, 2015
*fangirls* UNDERTAKER! Someone please give me a warning when he pops up >_< I'm obsessed