Lloyd X  Reader ~ Ninjago fanfiction

Lloyd X Reader ~ Ninjago fanfiction

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Graceaphine By LloydGarmadon10 Updated Sep 06, 2015

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    Wvry girls dream come true and then the green ninja comes and he leans in close 
                                  And you wake up
    still kind of curious as to why they are "gorgeous men"
                                  (cuz Lloyds not there.)
                                  but still i feel like it should say cute guys)
    gorgeous men? try cute guys or something next time. it kinda doesn't sound right when youre talking about a hothead, a bad cook, a nindroid, and uh well how do i say this. 
                                  A JAY.
    Disney369 Disney369 Sep 10
    Lol every girls dream come true...
                                  ...until the actual prince in green clothing showes up. 😄
    kai's mom's ghost: hay is for horses dear.
                                  Me: okay for one thing, *facepalm* second, really woman? in the chat bar? that's low...
    gorgeous men huh, wait when you see the green ninja swept me away