Lloyd X  Reader ~ Ninjago fanfiction

Lloyd X Reader ~ Ninjago fanfiction

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Graceaphine By LloydGarmadon10 Updated Sep 06, 2015

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Ender-kitty Ender-kitty Jun 08, 2016
@MobQueen33 😂😂😂 I wonder what would happen it both Zane's met that would be funny to see
MobQueen33 MobQueen33 Jan 14
oh yes indeed(in markipliers drama voice)cause i have read dis for the 10th time
Dorky_Donatello Dorky_Donatello Mar 02, 2016
Let me just YOLO for this and hope 100% that these gorgeous men wouldn't take me in the back alley and teach me spinjistu 😂
Silverwolfpup10 Silverwolfpup10 Aug 29, 2016
Me: XD THE RED JERK *falls on the floor dying of laughter*
                              Kai: what?! I am not a jerk Cole!!
                              Cole: hehehe
Bridget1oyler Bridget1oyler Feb 25, 2016
BUT THE GARMAU SHIP DOES!!!!!!( YouTube named aphmau thing.)
HomicidalSilver HomicidalSilver Apr 11, 2016
*face palm* Oh Zane....don't rely on the internet for everything.....