Mated To The Blood Alpha

Mated To The Blood Alpha

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TangledWebWeWeave By Leota27 Updated Jul 22, 2016

Elena was never interested in finding her True Mate, until met Jackson Boudreaux, Alpha to the Blood Moon Pack. The emotional and physical connection was to overpowering to ignore, suddenly all the things she told herself about not wanting her True Mate were abandoned as she became drawn to Jackson. 

Jackson Boudreax has been waiting eight long years to find his True Mate, on the verge of giving up and choosing another the Goddess finally revealed Elena Marianna Walters to him. But their meeting proved that this relationship was going to be harder then either thought as they both had to face their past mistakes, present feeling for each, their father's mutual hatred toward one another. 
     Now a unknown threat that is attacking the Blood Moon pack, proving that a fated love isn't always easy.

    "So how many more are we going to have to tell to back off you now love."he whispers in my ear the jealously and possessiveness dripping from his words.
     "Seriously." I snap out of my lust for him, stepping out of his grasp, throwing open my door and turning to glare at him. Shaking off how sexual frustrated he just made me. "I may not be innocent but at least I'm not showing my jealousy of the woman you still reek of and throwing it in your face." I hissed before slamming my door shut on him.

Mature Content There are sexual scenes and situations through out the book! 18+

Unedited until Complete!


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gemma_daisy1999 gemma_daisy1999 Feb 23, 2017
We were just talking about what Don Juan stands for in my AP Spanish Lit class like two weeks ago and now I see it here. Iol.
charlene1942 charlene1942 Nov 16, 2016
Thanks She got her man  but will she be able to keep him Just look at their fathers about to kill each other