Who's Scared of the big bad wolf  ( book 2 ) (sterek)( boyxboy )

Who's Scared of the big bad wolf ( book 2 ) (sterek)( boyxboy )

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riku By AndreaAgitoWhite Updated Nov 06, 2014

Okay book 2 please enjoy I'm glad I got over 13,000 views on my first book I hope I'll get more and I hope I get that many on this one to I think this one will be longer I hope trying my best and I think this one will be more intense then the first one well enough of me talking please enjoy and remember vote and comment on it. Please ill be your best friend ^_^


Months passed slowly Scott stopped crying about stiles Derek went back to his jerk ways and was often out of town not wanting to stay in that town to long two years passed by Scott graduated now off to beacon hill university starting it this year him and Allison still dated and Allison was also in bhu takin a year off to wait for Scott to graduate high school he had failed his junior year due to the fact he didn't attend classes for two months falling to far behind to catch up when he did come back.


~unknown ~

" remember everyone blend in and don't caus...

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123456next 123456next Jul 01, 2017
I was like oh he got some nice help then this happen and now I'm upset
lucislittlegirl lucislittlegirl Mar 16, 2016
How is it possible? In your last book stiles died... how can it be a sterek story?
lucislittlegirl lucislittlegirl Mar 16, 2016
Stiles was hurt by an alpha maybe the scratches were enough to turn him!
mylifesucks2003 mylifesucks2003 Feb 04, 2017
Hek no not Cole WTF it stiles stupid Claire  I would bash your head in
AntwaniceGaines AntwaniceGaines Jun 04, 2016
Im listening to Maad city by Kendrick Lamar and the beat just dropped when I realised It was stiles shes talking to
wave_whisper wave_whisper Apr 22, 2015
Wait .... What ? Every girl likes compliments !!!!! What's wrong with her ?!?! :o