Catch Me *ON HOLD*

Catch Me *ON HOLD*

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Fae Westmoreland By Americathepitbull Updated Apr 07, 2016



"You can't expect me to stay here forever! I have a life of my own outside of this rotten world!"

I exclaimed, my chest tightening at the sight of those emerald eyes holding a small flash of pain that left as soon as it came.

He crossed over the room within seconds, a snarl plastered on his lips. In a single moment his hands remained planted against both sides of my head, trapping me against the wall with our faces only centimeters apart. 


"Listen here doll, you're mine now and I'll keep you here for as long as I want."

I should have gotten away sooner.


Marina Valentine had only desired one thing her whole life; to get a good education. She was an independent twenty-five year old girl who just got out of veterinary school, now looking for a permanent job. For someone as organized as her, it seemed as if she had her whole life planned out. 

Or at least she did.

There was a single, minor flaw that sent all of her plans crumbling to the floor.

And his name?

Luca Vandermir

But then again, who plans on getting kidnapped by a sexy Italian mafia leader and being tossed into a whole web of lies, betrayal, and love?

  • bullets
  • guns
  • journey
  • mafia
  • romance
  • roses
  • secrets
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@diana97ooo I will. And I promise Ic)) try to get that third chapter up as soon as I can! Bye, take care too.
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@diana97ooo Thank you! It was really no problem I'm pretty sure you're my only active reader but I truly appreciate it so the least I could do is dedicate the chapter to you! :)