His First Kiss (KilluaxGon)

His First Kiss (KilluaxGon)

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Gon sat waiting by the door, much like a puppy waiting for his or her master to return home, for his friends to arrive. He had convinced Aunt Mito to let his have them come over and stay the night, as long as they stayed quiet. 

Then the doorbell rang. "Oh, I wonder who is the first one here?" He opened the door to see Kurapika. 

Kuripika looked at the clock which read 4:50. "Just on time." He walked in the door.

"But I sais to show up at five?" Gon seemed confused at his orientation of time.

"No, I know Gon, but if you 10 minutes early then your on time, but if your on time then your late." He held a finger up in a lecturing manner. 

"Um..." Gon was having trouble processing this information as steam began to smoke out of his ears.

"Never mind, where is your room?" Kurapika looked around, and waited for Gon to show him so he could put his stuff down.

"Oh yeah! Its right over here." He walked upstairs and showed Kurapika to his room, then walked back to the front door, sat down ...

It took me 10 seconds to figure that out 
                              And a minute for me to say " ohhhhhh I get it now "
Mamapika logic   2017" if you are 10 minutes early then your on time but if your on time your late" LMAO
This is almost the rule I'm my band
                              If you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late. If you're late, you're dead.
RazuunLover RazuunLover Jun 15
Lol. This made me remember somthing we did with some friends. We said we were going to be at the club at 6pm but everyone showed up before that (bc we were bored) exepting three guys who showed up at 6:01 and we wasted idk how much time just joking saying that they were late
Everyone's just like "I'm so killua" or "same" while I'm just here like...
                              What am I going to eat for dinner today, and what about tomorrow's dinner.... is killua gonna die from laughter. Will there be a next chapter, find out in the next chapter (I'm sorry I'm idiot)
Just like my teacher used to say:
                              "If you show up early, you're on time. If you show up on time, you're late. If you show up late, don't bother coming."