Pernico/Percico One-Shots

Pernico/Percico One-Shots

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darkreader1108 By darkreader1108 Updated Dec 14, 2017

This is a book of short stories about Percy and Nico. Some will be Rated-R (smut) and some will be fluffy, but none of these are, or will be, angsty. I have an (R) in every title of the smut one-shots, so it will be easier to find, or avoid, what you are looking for. 

Request if you want. I do not own these characters!

Warning: the writing gets better as the one-shots go. I've been writing these for a year now, and yes, I'm slowly editing them.

Again, some stories will have sex in them, they have warnings,  so read at your own risk. 

Cover picture is of Tora and Koe cosplay.

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I can just imagine Percy building a French Fry fort , using ketchup as glue.
amtgurly amtgurly Jan 23
*Oh? Are you gay then? Bi or pan? If so are you Polyamourous? I don't think she'd mind sharing 
                              Am I the only person that does that. And if he said girlfriend I'd ask about Polyamory anyway just to check all options for my friends
Dafuq... many schools and cities now have literally been turned into LGBTQIAPK friendly.
TiahjaLahr TiahjaLahr Apr 18
Exactly someone calls me gay and i get all salty and shout "ACTUALY I AM PANSEXUAL. THERE ARE MANY OTHER WORDS THAN GAY THANKYOUVERYMUCH"
Is "the sex" the only trying you guys got out of this statement? And yes, Fakeantisepticeye, already. How old are they in this story again? 20? Not too young if you ask me.
SM_Studios SM_Studios Dec 20, 2017
Oh this reminds me of when I was proposed too
                              Two words seven letters say them and I'm yours