The Narnian Girl || Edmund x Reader)

The Narnian Girl || Edmund x Reader)

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❝Can I court you (y/n) (l/n) of Narnia?❞ - Edmund

In which such a young boy made a mistake, turn out a lovely story with a new love story, but ends with a seperation.


07.14.16 - Do notice that I was like 11-12 when I wrote this and I haven't really edited it much. Any wrong grammar or tense or spelling is made by me when I was 11.

Denna8823 Denna8823 Jul 14
It really adds to the feel of a printed book but it's really weird when you use black or sepia background. :D
Hope_liz12 Hope_liz12 Oct 16
You know most people like peter more I actually like ed more
sketch28 sketch28 Sep 16
I'm still curious as to how it's selfish that he wanted to keep something to remember his dad by.
I have NO idea how I got here. None at all but hey I'm not complaining 😂
I'm so happy
                              I didn't even know that Narnia fanfictions existed
Well I couldn't fit my life into my little suitcase...wait I have no life😂😂😂😂