Frayed (Formerly Known As The Sweetest Sorrows of Ava Hale)

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Kara By Kara_writes Completed
[Sourcebooks Story Development Prize Winner!]
    Lies, secrets, one deadly truth.
    After sixteen-year-old Ava Hale’s older sister is murdered, she must shed her outer layers of vulnerability and find the killer — even if it means befriending people with secrets of their own. When her sister’s former best friend, Rafe Lawrence, appears back in town only months after her murder, carrying evidence suggesting he was in town the day the incident occurred, Ava’s instincts kick in, and she’s immediately suspicious of his motives.
    But Rafe isn’t the only one harbouring dangerous secrets. Ava begins to lose hope in her sister after discovering she was part of her town’s infamous girl gang. Shattering not only Ava’s idealistic views of her sister, but her trust too, she wonders if she should bother at all. Feeling compelled to push her personal feelings aside, Ava is determined find the killer before they strike again.
    Teaming up with her sister’s former best friend and a group of girls who’d rather have nothing to do with her, Ava is on a mission to find this killer before someone else she loves gets hurt. In a letter addressed to her sister, Ava pieces together the evidence that led to her murder, realizing much too late that the murderer is closer than she thinks.
    [Labelled PG-13 for mild swearing]
I like this story already. Intrigued. This makes me put my story Emily Saves Me to shame lol.
So good already! I literally only saw two errors, and it was simple word repetition in a sentence. Great start
Brilliant Introduction of the story!
                                    Love the exposition of the characters' personality and plot diagram.
I love how you write, really nice chapter!
                                    When Lia said she ran into someone at the Cafe, I thought she literally ran someone over with her car, oops?
This beginning is very intriguing and gives a great background into the story. I enjoy the voice of Ava, and how she slowly realizes that this could help. Nice job.
Perfectly crafted start. I like the concept of starting with a quote that matches the storyline. I had been doing the same with mine. But talking about your story, it looks interesting. I like your writing style a lot. :)