Six Feet Under ➳ Rick Grimes

Six Feet Under ➳ Rick Grimes

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Alien girl By thewrittengypsy Updated Dec 13, 2017

Janey is a young woman with a bold heart, tough mindset and a certain motherly instinct. She's known Rick and Carl since Carl was just a baby, she attended his mother, Lori's funeral. After Lori died when Carl was a baby, Janey took lots of care of Carl when Rick was at work. Although Rick never got over the feeling that something about Janey was odd, Carl and Lori loved her.

Carl is now 12 and Janey is 26. She was picking Carl up from school when she was told his father had been shot. Just a week later she found herself on a packed highway with Rick's friend Shane and Carl. When the outbreak hit, they fled to the city. 

Things have changed, Shane and Janey are the ring leaders of their new group. What happens when Rick finds the group? Find out by reading.

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xLittleMissAnimex xLittleMissAnimex Mar 20, 2017
These types of moments make you want a child, but then again, some can be bratty lil aholes
i_love_fanfics_xxx i_love_fanfics_xxx Aug 30, 2016
I've read so many fanfics where the girl keeps saying she wants to go and is denied so thank you
VicGoddamnSullivan VicGoddamnSullivan May 25, 2016
Pretty dure the fanfom id okay 'cause evrryone thinks she's a whore XD