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Skater girl

Skater girl

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Sara By saralovestosing Updated Mar 12

Samantha or Sam, is a normal girl. Ok so maybe not exactly normal. 
She's a hard core tom boy (ok so maybe she does like romance books but that's it!). Anyone who knows her know that she is the complete opposite of most girls. She hangs out with guys more than girls (less drama, and who likes drama?), a messed up family, and did I mention the top skater in the state?  

Blake is your typical high school football captain. Ok again, maybe not typical. 
He's got it all. The girls, the grades, the popularity, and a pretty normal family. Thing is, he doesn't care about the girls. Shocker right? Football has been his life since he was a little boy, he plays it every chance he gets. 

Once they meet their lives are changed forever. The skater girl and the football star fall at each others feet, literally!

Will Sam and Blake fall for each other? Be friends? Or be enemies? Will they crash and burn together? Or will their prides get in the way?


I appreciate all criticism-however I ask that you say it kindly :)


Ay_Potatoe Ay_Potatoe Apr 08, 2016
Didn't anyone see the typo where it says " Heblived football ever since she was a little boy" did anyone catch that but me?! I thought it was funny. Hah
nooreen_hisham nooreen_hisham Feb 04, 2016
Please update this sounds really awesome I will totally tell all me friends about it
Pedyelorm Pedyelorm Jan 04
Not Wat I expected  no no no😔😕
                              So she has a boyfriend  already 😤
clockworkcarrot clockworkcarrot May 18, 2016
Egreeley Egreeley Apr 22, 2016
Your faking with my mind right now. Is her name Sam or jessi????
skittleezz skittleezz Jul 05, 2015
I think rbis book is gonna b awesome and it should totally have more views. :) please update soon