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Compulsive Bind (boyxboy)

Compulsive Bind (boyxboy)

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synthetic_pocky By synthetic_pocky Updated Feb 26, 2014

One day Victor's parents die and his boyfriend breaks up with him the following week. Depressed and despondent, what happens when he gets caught by a werewolf cop? 

It'll probably be a while till I ever update this! Thank you to everyone who put up with all the typos and a large time gap of not updating xD Happy three years!

Mr_Mrs_Bunny Mr_Mrs_Bunny Jul 18, 2016
OMFG! When I was 10 or 11 my dog Pikki (which was short for pikachu) got stolen by my neighbors! And we never got him back... TT^TT it's a small world
BabyNanzi BabyNanzi Aug 20, 2016
No it doesn't happen in real life. It's only because he is his mate😀
bookwormasalways2015 bookwormasalways2015 Jul 27, 2015
Yup ! Loved it a lot ... !!
                              Poor guy ! Such a messed up life and suddenly what happens ?? Just another nightmare he'll have to deal with ... 
                              Or is it ?
LadyAriya LadyAriya Dec 30, 2013
"He was really thight; Maybe hes old lover was small" Lol, I totally cracked there, slry good choice of words LoL. This gonna be good.
NoNamekid NoNamekid Nov 07, 2013
Haahaa you got great choice of word dear friend :D 
                              I laughing real hard at some part :"> 
                              *maybe he old lover really small* pttttt ~~
Pandazlove Pandazlove Apr 24, 2013
Poor victor he been through so much not to mention he's in a very vulnerable state from the alchol