The Bad Boy kidnapped Me

The Bad Boy kidnapped Me

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Dina By xXXLittleBirdXXx Updated Apr 21, 2017

She, she was just a normal girl but her life was far away from normal. Well, if you consider having an abusive mother is normal, then it is. She didn't believe in love or happily ever after. If Love was real, then her own mother wouldn't have abused her, the person who is supposed to love you no matter what. 

He, he came into her life like lighting, turning her world upside down with his reckless actions and breathtaking smile. He saved her and gave her a something to live for, a wild adventure and freedom. He gave her a new meaning of living; he gave her something to care for.

Throwing them both into a little adventure which takes them to a new road of love, hate and somehow a little of kidnapping.

Was [Take Me Away]

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darleenegallegos darleenegallegos Nov 21, 2017
DAMN IT I love dimples I can't resist it when a person who has dimples I stay in "aww" and I don't have any
rachel_ally rachel_ally Feb 01
I’ve always wanted to do something like this! Just go to the roof of a really high building and sit there and look at the city lights or sunset! 😄
Evil_Angel7 Evil_Angel7 Apr 04, 2016
"Well then...........I'M HOOKED SO I CANT SAY SH-" *mom walks in and sees what I'm writing* "YOU BETTER BE ABOUT TO SAY SHISHKABOBS!"
YomiiJehad YomiiJehad Aug 27, 2013
DinaEhab DinaEhab Aug 20, 2013
3egbny ana gaw el suspense dh :D :D keep it up :D :D love it awe awe awe ^_^
DinaEhab DinaEhab Aug 20, 2013
I really like it :D ....  w aktr 7eta 3gbany bta3t el wire zay ma 2otleek ... w May and Jay ??? what were you thinking  in that moment ????? :D :D but i love their names XD w awee kaman :D