Simply Meant To Be                  ||Dan x Reader||

Simply Meant To Be ||Dan x Reader||

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A good friend of mine requested for a Dan x Reader fanfiction, so being the person I am with way too much time on my hands, I complied and started to type one up! This fic is about a fairly young girl who has moved to London in an attempt to escape her family that she has grown to despise. While moving she runs into the famed YouTuber, Dan Howell. They eventually fall for each other. They receive unexpected visitors and mass amounts of internet hate that make their relationship complicated. There will have to be some sacrifices in order for their relationship to last, but are they willing to make them?

DaAnimeLyfe DaAnimeLyfe Sep 24
Me: -jumps out of bed-
                              Me: YOU SAW NOTHING I AM THE NIGHT
                              Me: -leaps out the window-
Random lady I met at the airport, let's spend night in friends room, MAKES video together, instantly 'trusts me' bad choice Phil 😂❤️
Kittydrawz Kittydrawz Oct 19
I had no idea they had a plane with my favorite number on it !!!
I've done this before it was like
                              Me: *OH LOOK I DROPPED SOMETHING*
                              Them: Oh let me get that for you *picks up thing*
                              Me: *Stands there looking around aimlessly*
                              Them: Here you go!
                              Me: Do do d-huh?! Oh ummm thaguhmss
                              Me: *Turns around and hits a pole*
                              Them: I'm gonna....go
And here children is where I started having a full on panic! attack.