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Forever (Peter Pan OUAT)

Forever (Peter Pan OUAT)

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once_upon_a_believer By once_upon_a_believer Completed

Elena Mills was nothing even close to special compared to her heroic family. A family full of heroes like her grandmother Emma the savior, her grandfather Robin Hood, her father Henry the author, and even her grandmother Regina who was once the Evil Queen was now a hero. They had all done something that had made others look up to them. Either from doing that with a bow an arrow, to a sword, to even some light and dark magic. But that wasn't El shad had no powers to help her. Plus it wasn't like she ever got a chance to prove herself because her family was always protecting her. Maybe more then they ever should. When El was seven a shadow had come for her in the middle of the night trying to take her to a place called Neverland under a boy named Pan's orders. Thankfully her family had saved her from such a monster. Though she kept having dreams thanks to Pan, and when she would wake up she would have burns and bruises running down her skin. Her family then decided to take her memories and magic away. They took away things Elena didn't even know she possessed. Life after that had been good she had always felt alone and burdensome, but she wasn't in danger. That was until one night Pan had somehow wormed his way into her dreams again giving back her memories that were stolen from her, and leaving a promise with her. That he was coming for her. She didn't know what any of this meant, but she knew she had to find out. She found a book all about Pan thanks to her fathering being the author but before she could read it the shadow came again taking her to Neverland. She soon meets Peter Pan a boy she had never expected to be so cruel and evil. Who is looking for revenge on her family and is planning to get it through her. Can she stop him before it's to late, or will a feeling conquer all just like it always has with her family? True Love is said to break any curse so can it break the curse that has berried itself in Peter or will it overcome Elena instead?

IshipJackunzel IshipJackunzel Jun 30, 2016
Should I stop reading cause haven't seen any on the 5th season?
allipaige13 allipaige13 Jun 01, 2016
it's spelled "no" . "Know" is used in the context of knowing something,
Basketcase21 Basketcase21 Jul 16, 2016
I always think about Shrek when they talk about Robin hood. Then the song starts playing in my head.
Girllll16 Girllll16 May 03, 2016
Thank you lol i freaked out on that episode hahah i wanted to cry bc Pan is so hot and him being a father made it weird lol
cookie_monster-1 cookie_monster-1 Feb 22, 2016
What happened to melody? Sorry watched a lot of Disney movies and still kinda do don't judge
Phoenix773 Phoenix773 Nov 08, 2015
What if I'm crazy? The best people are. 
                                                      -Mad Hatter by Melanie Martinez