The Forgotten Mate

The Forgotten Mate

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Kate By Thelonychild Completed

You know the story about sleeping beauty how she was awakened by a kiss and the curse was lifted and they lived happily ever after. That story was so wrong.

My name is Catherine and I'm a werewolf. I was cursed to fall into a deep sleep once I meet my mate. The curse should last for five years but did I know when I wake my mate wouldn't be there.. 

Catherine wakes from her curse to find that her mate has moved on and being the alpha of the pack he has to have a luma. What will happen when he finds out that Catherine has awaken but not only that but she's the strongest supernatural in the world. Will it be too late? Or will someone els be the key of waking her up from the horrible nightmare.

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Who would toy pick Catherine from a vampire show😐 but it good so far
I like how it gets to the point . Your my type of writter ! !!!
Alex3025 Alex3025 Jul 11
It's Amazing so Far and nobody should tell u Differently...😘
I'm surprised no one has commented! It's really good so far, went faster then I expected but it wasn't written poorly or anything! I'm enjoying it