STUPID LOVE (Sting x Reader)

STUPID LOVE (Sting x Reader)

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yujini (๑・̑◡・̑๑) By thatonefairy Completed

Fiore Academy can hold excitements you've never even imagined.

As a new student of the school, you have been sauntering with no goal in mind. But when a rusty white bike crashed into you, you didn't think it could change your life, except maybe a bruise on the leg.

Sting Eucliffe became your new best friend... that's right, friend. Nothing more.

You start to notice him for who he really is, underneath that happy-go-lucky face. Your emotions for him grow stronger. Same goes for him. Just at the breaking point...

Another girl named Maki steps in, and tries to take charge. Does she really love Sting? Or just wants to annoy (Name)?

The pair's stupid love won't be the only thing that happens on campus, however.

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