4 Possessive Mates

4 Possessive Mates

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This is your typical cliche book but, with some twists.

Estrella Karma is a girl who loves school. *Gasp* I know right. Although she is not your average nerd. She is an Alpha's daughter with some overprotective brothers. She still wonders how she could go to a sleepover without a hidden camera implanted on her. As normal as she tries to be she will never be normal. Especially when she finds her mate, or MATES

Props for @hindering for the book cover.

I knew they existed. Do you know how hard it is to find a book with mermaids in it
- - Feb 25
How the hell could they be real siblings if they're all half of something else? So confused!!!!
What if Krystal's middle name was clear... Krystal Clear Diamond
Glamous Glamous Oct 17
Dude I would have a 64 pack by now if that's how it works. I laugh more than I breathe basically
Krystal Diamond sounds like a stripper name, no offense to anyone Called Krystal 😂😂
_CuteBabe _CuteBabe Jun 16
Unless the elemental doesn't count or that's just how the book was made.