Equestrians VS. Non-Equestrians

Equestrians VS. Non-Equestrians

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Non-horse person: Hey wanna hear a joke?

Me: okay

Person: Why couldn't the pony stop coughing?

Me: idk why?

Person: Because he was

Person: A little horse!

Me: That's about as accurate as you are funny. 

#1 in Equestrian,
#1 in Non-Equestrian (not sure if this is an insult or an achievement...)

Cover by: @_DEMiiGODDESS_

Horseyhead Horseyhead Feb 11
Or they just continue to pet the horse and look surprised when the horse bites them
this actually happened to me when my friend visited my horse with me😂😂
Gsdlovergirl Gsdlovergirl Aug 26, 2016
Dont give mercy to a horse. It shouldn't kick or even try to kick you. Give it a great shove and yell " No! " sternly if at all.
There is this one Pony named Sam and she always has her ear back and I'm always telling her she better stop pining her ears back
LidiyaBlack LidiyaBlack Oct 04, 2016
please view Petition Thy Nation and help the horses. thank you
With Baby Donkey (giant horse who likes to hit doors when he needs attention)