Equestrians VS. Non-Equestrians

Equestrians VS. Non-Equestrians

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Non-horse person: Hey wanna hear a joke?

Me: okay

Person: Why couldn't the pony stop coughing?

Me: idk why?

Person: Because he was

Person: A little horse!

Me: That's about as accurate as you are funny. 

{WARNING: Do not call a horse any of the names within this book in an attempt to look more equestrian-y. ESPECIALLY if it's not your horse.}

#5 in Equestrian,
#1 in Non-Equestrian (not sure if this is an insult or an achievement...)

Cover by: @_DEMiiGODDESS_

People say it's only the mares but I ride a sweetheart mare and a stallion/gelding (sorry idk which he was) that pins his ears then throws me off ????
Dont give mercy to a horse. It shouldn't kick or even try to kick you. Give it a great shove and yell " No! " sternly if at all.
LidiyaBlack LidiyaBlack Oct 04
please view Petition Thy Nation and help the horses. thank you
spiritkales spiritkales Mar 26
TOTALY me! The horse I ride, Terms, doesn't really like little ponies, so he pins his ears at Socks (The pony), and pull the reins like, "Pick on someone your own size!" (He is like 17-18 hands high! And Socks has to be about 8 hands!)
*Smack* Dont you try that again or else I'll show you how it hurts.
Crazyblondechick15 Crazyblondechick15 Nov 12, 2015
I just give my mares "the look" and instantly they stop pinning their ears.