My Little Brother [Boyxboy] [Incest]

My Little Brother [Boyxboy] [Incest]

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"Hey little brother!" Albert said happily as he ran over to me and I rolled my eyes, sighing loudly. 

"Albert, I'm older than you!" I yelled and crossed my arms.

"Yeah, but I'm taller." He said and smirked.

17 year old Adam Alistair has a huge crush on his twin brother, Albert. But there's a slight problem, Albert is the most straight, popular, hot guy in school........or is he? 

Well for Albert, he has one main goal in life- to make Adam his. No matter what happens or how long it takes, he WILL make Adam his. 

Join Adam and Albert to see if they fall in love, or if their lives fall and crumble.

(Worst. Description. Ever.)

iiMaxxy iiMaxxy Feb 22
Wow there boi don't eat him now, or at least not yet (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I'm sorry, sorry but I don't like the name Albert... I dunno why I'm saying this but... I just.... Sorry
Why would he yell that? Not in school. Or around the object of interest
Haha yeah we'll see you later. Ads always seem to pop up out of nowhere.
Can I call Jeremy jammy? I was trying to say his name, but ended up saying jammy. It's settled. I'm calling him Jammy whether you like it or not.
iantapes iantapes Jan 02
What the heck, now he's the older one, however, on the description 10 minutes YOUNGER. What's really the truth?