A Bottle on the Sea

A Bottle on the Sea

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Abby Gustafson By AbbyGustafson Updated May 04, 2013

   I was dreaming from the moment she left me, I suppose. I know she's gone for good, and that it might be, indirectly, my fault. I mean, I didn't pick up that bottle of pills and hand it to her, or stand idly by while I watched her do so, but I never knew it was eating her as bad as it was. And maybe, just maybe, if I did, she wouldn't be dead right now. Some people might think I'm being too hard on myself, my therapist included, and they all tell me it's survivor's guilt, but that's not true. I didn't survive anything. All I did was walk into school one day and be called down to the student assistance room with all her other friends to be handed a letter.

I was angry, at first, when I saw the seal was broken. My best friend was dead and she left a suicide note with three sealed letters. She obviously wanted them to get to us, and only us. Everyone else could see the poetic bull shit she wrote down on a piece of notebook paper, but not us. Not the people she trusted most. I was yelli...

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