Live in Color

Live in Color

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konnor By dougmcquaid Completed

"I'm distracted from the boy I've bumped into when the world around me begins to change. The grey and white I've seen ever since I was born into this world slowly begin to bleed away, like rain drops sliding down a car window, being replaced with bright, bright pigments. They cover everything, bring to life the world around me. The gravel underneath my feet is no longer a dull grey, the sky is no longer white, the bricks of the buildings no longer black. They're different, beautiful, bright, extraordinary, breathtaking. 

Colors, I realize. These are colors."


Natalie Grayson has lived her whole life in black and white. She's been waiting to meet her other half- her soulmate- who will make both of their worlds burst in color. It's what she's been dreaming of ever since she was little. She wants to know what color is, how it feels, what it looks like, if it's really as amazing as everyone claims it to be. 

On her seventeenth birthday, while walking back home through a sketchy part of town, she bumps into a stranger. Before she can even apologize, the last thing she expected happens: the black and white of her world begins to bleed away and is replaced with something else. Colors. When she looks up, Natalie isn't expecting to lock eyes with a rebel. But she does. 

She also doesn't expect him to run away. 

But he does.

YehSarah YehSarah Oct 12, 2016
JUST IMAGINE JUST IF she didn't touch BUT walked PAST him oh my god bye soulmate 
                              Imma go live a dull life 
                              Gotta zany
allieharrie allieharrie Mar 03, 2016
Really fascinating concept. This sure would make things easier in real life huh?!
ValeriaOjeda ValeriaOjeda May 18, 2016
First Time Reading, the Finding Ford book was awesome so now I'm reading all of the completed books by this author lol 😄
SomeoneWhoLovesZayn SomeoneWhoLovesZayn Nov 04, 2016
@XxxKagamixxX @ejregino heyy! pakiadd sa library or reading list ninyo :D ganda this!!
calumtwerks calumtwerks Aug 18, 2016
I've seen the tumblr post about this many times and I wanted to find a book with the same plot as the post but I don't know how to. I saw a comment yesterday on a random post that recommended your book so I was like yeahh
TheYoungbloodfangirl TheYoungbloodfangirl Mar 15, 2016
I'm reading this just after finishing Finding Ford, and I'm sobbing right now since you haven't made an epilogue.
                              *Sobbing* LOVE THIS STORY ALREADY!!!!!!*Sobbing*