not his type [completed] ➷

not his type [completed] ➷

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COMPLETED on 18th august 2016

WARNING: cliché, one of my more dated fics lmao. i am not proud of this fic in any way, so be careful hah. 

in her anger, joohyun's life is turned upside down when she's forced by her parents to be tied off with no other but annoying ass byun baekhyun. 

from different social spectrums, this is one of the worst ideas ever. 

or is it?

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I think 18 is a very young age for marriage, unless the groom is Baekhyun, then why the heck not
Jibaby_Bae Jibaby_Bae Jul 30
I was like 15 when someone told me they thought I was in college. Also, at my sisters wedding (when I was still 15) , all of her other bridesmaids thought I was 18. Maybe it's my massive boobs, or maybe it was because I chugged the champagne from the toast.