Hidden Temptations  (Book 1)

Hidden Temptations (Book 1)

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@bua.dx By dx_papii Updated Nov 02, 2015

"Mr. Carson, I can't do this. It's against the job's policy!"
"Darling, I wrote the polices" he said, sucking my neck. What was I suppose to do, he was... my boss...
This is a MATURE story, so be aware of that content inside this story!!!

- MixdBoy99

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LetThereBeWine LetThereBeWine Jun 16, 2016
Who gets themselves off in the bosses office on the first day? I mean I know in fiction there is some unbelievable parts of the story but this is just ridiculous
AcidicPineapples AcidicPineapples Jul 22, 2016
Oml Oml omg 😭😭😂😂😂 ok... Lol I'm dying/crying/screaming my momma looked at me like u ok? And she said wat u reading I said nun .. I'm watching this fight on YouTube and the way he fell was funny
LiyahPhilosopher LiyahPhilosopher Mar 04, 2016
The interview questions, they can't actually ask you your age for future reference, its illegal. But I love the start of the book, it's rather realistic, they have you waiting forever! Lol
Lukes_a_penguin Lukes_a_penguin Apr 06, 2016
Am I the only one thinking the whole time is why she is doing it in his office and not the bathroom, like all the places she chooses it's the place her boss well definitely walk in?? Lol
tersheema tersheema Apr 11, 2016
Why does this woman have a vibratory at work. Damn he's gonna walk in on her isn't he?
Jycee2001 Jycee2001 Jul 23, 2015
I love it!!!!! It's cool easier to read than them other story's and it has a meaning behind it