Black Knight || Eggsy Unwin [Kingsman] [COMPLETE]

Black Knight || Eggsy Unwin [Kingsman] [COMPLETE]

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[Elyse] By HeyYoungBIood Completed

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Dreaming and pretending about knights and princesses was every little kids dream. But what if you actually got to live it? 

Makenzie 'Mak' Corp was orphaned at age 10, failing to get adopted by a loving family. Now, at 16, she was meant for greater things and school wasn't one of them. Mak's life gets turned upside-down when an old face from her past comes back to help her out of a sticky situation. 

What Mak doesn't know is, she's a legacy of the Black Knight. And she's got a large part to play in the Kingsman Secret Service.

annikathatsme annikathatsme Feb 13, 2016
This was me! I'd steal my friends brothers toy dinosaurs because all we had were babies 😂😂
CDLJ00 CDLJ00 Feb 28, 2016
Oh-ho-ho-ho! I don't deal with ANYONE'S sh!t! Someone outta whip this kid!
                              Hey that rhymed. . . He he he~!
DootDolan DootDolan Nov 29, 2015
2nd time reading this. i read this first on quotev and now here (: this is the best.