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Loki's Child

Loki's Child

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Harriet_Swan By slyfox1998 Completed

What if Loki had a daughter, who was just like him in almost every way?
Loki's daughter Hela was born on Asgard but Loki pulled a Prank that angered the All Father so as Loki's punishment Hela was sent to Midgard. Hela possesses the same magical powers as her Father, which you would think is very cool but it's not. SHIELD are aware of her powers and what a threat she is but what they don't know is who her Father is. To make thing's worse for the Avengers and Hela, Loki has been banished to Midgard to work for SHIELD... Will Loki see through his Daughter tricks or will he think she is just a normal Midgardian child?

Harpuny Harpuny Jun 18
Fun fact:
                              In the legends Loki also had a daughter named Hel/Hela and she was the ruler of Hel(the underworld)
ShinesLikeTheSun ShinesLikeTheSun 4 days ago
I can already see how this is gonna play out (in my mind at least)
                              Hela is older and comes home but Loki doesn't recognize her and she wanders into his room one day and starts playing the harp and he knows it's her😜
artemis9087 artemis9087 Aug 17, 2016
SOOO.... It's all Odin's fault that Loki was evil... Great parenting man
HateHumans35 HateHumans35 Sep 21, 2016
I have no intention to be rude, but what about Sleipner, Jormungandr, Fenrir, and his other kids that I don't know if they exist in the norse myths?
Yournerdytomboy Yournerdytomboy Oct 07, 2016
Haha I remember challenging Odin about his stupidity. He seems to take that as a personal challenge  ...