Unchained his heart

Unchained his heart

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jhane By ArtistaDeElla23 Updated Aug 13, 2016

"Is there any chance why I got the pleasure of your visit Mr. Montessori?" I ask through gritted teeth as I tried to cook, key word TRIED. With the man who I slept with  as sexy, hot and attractive like him I could never done any work at all at how his breath tickling my spot on my neck sending shivers down my spine.

"Yes, there is and that is you, Cuore mio" he breathed planting soft kisses on my neck intensifying my growing sexual desire "And I'm bringing my family home"  

My breath hitched on what he just said and I know what he meant, he wanted his baby and he can't do that without me tagging along. 
" No, I won't let you." I spat glaring at him.

"Yes, you can and there is nothing much you can do about it, coure mio." he kindly demanded before pulling me into a punishing kiss and I melted faster than ice, I hated myself for it.


Read and find out the journey of Calvin Montessori and Aviana 'Ashley' Carlson. Enjoy ☺☺

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blueknights09 blueknights09 Nov 17, 2017
Good thing you made it a long story.. really love this.. keep it up..
Blinde30 Blinde30 Dec 21, 2015
Shemai! Walang kupas kahit na binasa ko siya ulit. Tunay na kaabang-abang. 👍
nurshafizaa nurshafizaa Oct 22, 2015
please don't let us wait too long for an update.. I love this so much..just can't wait for the scene where she had to face the boss about her pregnancy.. I even add all your other stories..love them
blackredness blackredness Oct 15, 2015
                              Ohh please update soon.
                              I'm inlove with it ♥♥♥
- - Sep 01, 2015
You have an awesome writing style and I hope to see more of it.
lifeiswhatwelive lifeiswhatwelive Jul 21, 2015
I love you made it into a story, though how do you pronounce her son's name?