The Nerd And The Jock (boyxboy) (Complete, Not edited)

The Nerd And The Jock (boyxboy) (Complete, Not edited)

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What can I say about Chris and Luca? Their.......okay let me start from the beginning.

Chris Shah is the captain of the football team. He's gorgeous, smart, talented, generous, nice, kind with a heart made of gold, he is just perfection and every girls dream. He has that mysteries vibe around him, you can say that you know him but that's just his mask. He has tattoos starting from his chest down to his right arm and some on his side.

 His dad is in jail for assault and auto theft. His mom is a successful actor worth millions of dollars. He works at the local bakery on fifth street, we don't know why since he's practically rich but that's just another part of his mystery. He has straight A's in school and he holds the record for the most touchdowns in a season.

Luca Mitchell is the schools nerd, he's smart, nice, kind, generous and talented. He is so cute, I always question why he's bullied. He's the captain of the school band. He's one of those guys that you cheer on in a movie to g...

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And here i am, feeling like im good but in reality...
                              I sound like a frickin walrus
AJTBest AJTBest Aug 08
An awesomw photo 👏👏👏👍👍👍
                              Lol no  😜😜
😢😢😭😭😭😭 why cant i see da picture...maybe its 18+
I love Sprite!!!!Luca and I have sooo much in common!!!😍😊
phycopath14 phycopath14 Nov 21, 2016
According to my family when i sing it sounds like "if a dieing goat, an inconvenient fire drill, and the chanting from a satanic ritual had a baby"
MooMoo345 MooMoo345 Oct 16, 2016
Since when has there ever captain of the BAND. There are maybae section leaders for that section of instruments, or first instrument, and/or there is the captain of the drumline. Well at least in our band there isn't a captain of the whole band.