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Dominant  Alpha

Dominant Alpha

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ktish7 By ktish7 Completed

I saw him shifting into wolf as he growled at me angrily. I took a step back feeling scared all of a sudden, but almost immediately I was pinned down on my bed as he was on top of me, pinning me down.

     I felt my clothes along with my undies being ripped into shreds and his nose sniffing in my püssy. His big tongue came out and started licking and lapping me hungrily. 

     Just as I was going to explode, he stopped his assault and turned back in his human form and came up to me. I gave a loud frustrated moan. I heard his low growl in my ears.

   "Say you're fucking mine and I'll give you what you need!"

      I gave my panting reply..

    " No! I'm not yours!!" ...

(NOT EDITED. There are lots of grammar and spelling mistakes. You've been warned. Please don't comment about it. I'll start editing ASAP.)

queencracra queencracra Aug 22, 2016
That's pretty much everyone and if your a morning person you must be from out of space
Milove4all Milove4all Jan 10
Why this idiotic time has to pass  quickly ? ( u still gone get up if the sun rises or not anyway )
Next chapter has college on the title. And Welcome. And to. No. Its not a strange book.
Cute_Abrielle Cute_Abrielle Sep 25, 2016
I Am sorry i cannot vote right now,Love the book so far!!!!!
When will people learn(myself) that looking at something and walking is not a good combination. It could lead to prolems like now
Shedevils101 Shedevils101 Dec 11, 2015
Hmm... It's not horrible.... But I don't like the image of a wolf doing that... And the shouty capitals aren't necessary...