The Mafia's Precious Daughter

The Mafia's Precious Daughter

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Meet Ariana Whites
 a normal 21 year old woman, living in New York,working hard to make ends meet. Her whole life changed when she was kidnapped by 4 bank robbers. Just being at the bank at the wrong time could lead to her  whole life changing and her identity a complete lie!  What will she think when she learns that the past that she grew up with was all fake...and...for what protection?!

Contains graphic depictions of strong language, violence and/or mature themes, etc

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The places mentioned in this book is either used in reality or part of the author's imagination
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goatsface goatsface Mar 22
You probably don’t want to go back and edit everything and u don’t have to, but an easier way to spell it is Cami. This is how we all spell my friend’s nickname
Dark_Shadow51189 Dark_Shadow51189 Apr 14, 2017
Same I have never feared it we're all going to die one day so why should be scared?
How can she wipe away a tear, I thought her hands were tied?
skyleurwrites skyleurwrites Jul 29, 2017
When your so dead inside the idea of death doesn't scare you
tigrahaze tigrahaze Nov 13, 2017
Second time reading through it!! This book is so good!!! 😀
AthenaMayJackson AthenaMayJackson May 21, 2016
What is with the your'll ???? That not an actual contraction.