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The Girl who Doesn't Smile (Kyoya x Reader)

The Girl who Doesn't Smile (Kyoya x Reader)

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KitKat122 By Kit_Kat_122 Updated Aug 10, 2016

"Come on little one its OK your safe now" Mr. Ootori said while you held onto his sleeve for dear life. You had just watched your family get murdered right in front of you and the people who killed them were after you,  so you ran to the only place you knew.  Your father's old friend Mr. Ootori is what you called him since you didn't know his real name and you wanted to be polite so that's what you called him. He let you in without a second thought he treated you very well like a father would to his daughter and you liked him. You nodded your head as you and him walked inside. 

You were 7 at the time apparently from what your parents said the same age as there youngest son. You have never met the youngest son and you were shy to people you just met. "OK now you will be living here with me and my family, you have met the older son's correct?" He asked and you nodded he patted your head and smiled. "Good now hold on one moment I will introduce you to my youngest son Kyoya" your grip on ...

NeverLatte NeverLatte May 13
1sangwoo 1sangwoo Jan 15
"I called dibs".       Wtf  kyoya am not an object u can't just call dibs and take me wtf
gamergirl4lifes gamergirl4lifes Sep 23, 2016
If someone every tries to make me girly I will punch them(no offence ppl)
xXPhoenixGurl200Xx xXPhoenixGurl200Xx Dec 11, 2016
For someone super smart he doesnt get what self explanatory means
Angelfire_113 Angelfire_113 Aug 10, 2016
When he said she devil I thought of Mira Jane from fairy tail
Cause I don't smile and when I do its fake (most of the time) like literally story of my life one of my friends has called me emotionless on many occasions before