Beyond Opal - A Pearlmethyst Fanfic

Beyond Opal - A Pearlmethyst Fanfic

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☆ Turtle Orihara ☆ By Turtlescanwrite Completed

-"'Sup y'all it's Amethyst and this is MY story abou-"

-"Amethyst! You can't just belt out something random and unnecessary for an introduction, it has to be both eloquent and well-thought-out!"

-"Ugh! Pearl this is my time to shine, get off my back!"

Amethyst and Pearl are at a constant struggle between their own personal ideals. But things can only get worse when an accidental fusion causes them to be stuck as Opal! Will they be able to move past this or will they be stuck as Opal forever? 

A Pearlmethyst fanfic by Turtlescanwrite

(Congratz to anyone who made it this far down in the intro, lol)

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rickypepsi rickypepsi Mar 27, 2017
this story is so good already, you really capture amethyst and pearl's dialogue and personalities accurately!
Lemon_Rock Lemon_Rock Sep 21, 2017
Aren't the bits free? I mean like the fries aren't but the bits are, right?
ThePerfectQuartz ThePerfectQuartz Jul 10, 2017
But normally Amethyst's likings would be in girls because she is a gem...
"Hey, it says 'hey, it says gullible on the ceiling' on the celiling."
ThePerfectQuartz ThePerfectQuartz Jul 10, 2017
All Pearl ever does is screaming Amethyst's name    😏😏😏
Kyoala_Starlite Kyoala_Starlite Dec 19, 2016
Being Boss Bird is PEARL'S job. Just leave it for her. (Sing last sentence in rythym to 'do it for her' XD)