anime yaoi ships oneshots

anime yaoi ships oneshots

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ampharos_54 By ampharos_54 Updated Jul 05, 2015

Makoto was swimming in the pool. Haru sat at the edge and watched him. He was half smiling.
Soon haru got bored of just sitting and slid into the pool.

Haru's POV

I was watching makoto as he was swimming. His muscles rippled as he swam from end to end. 
I got bored and decided to join him. 
I slipped into the water and swam to his side. "hey" he said. I noticed that his cheeks got a little pink. I smiled and he turned away. "what's wrong" I said. He turned back. His cheeks redder than before. "oh nothing. I'm fine" he scratched the back of his neck.
I shrugged and started swimming laps.

Makoto's POV

Haru had just gone up to me. He doesnt normally do that. And for some odd reason I blushed. 

Do I like haru? No that can't be it, ill bet I'm just not thinking straight. 

I turned to look at haru. And I have to admit he did look hot. As he quickly swam laps.
Soon haru stopped and threw his head up out of the water.

Oh my gosh, he really looks hot now.

Little water droplets flew from...

Danjuo Danjuo Jul 31
NoTP... sorry just don't ship Haru and Makoto... I'm into RinHaru
Thats what he said! (Get it? Cuz he said straight...and he's not!😂)
The joke was great, still hate Makoto. I'm not sorry for hating him, he bores me.
Rin: *sing's* I'm so lonely,I'm Mr.Lonely,I have nobody....For my own!
Danjuo Danjuo Jul 31
I just spilled water all over my laptop... good thing my mum suggested getting the water proof one
Wtf is going on here. Are they about to f*ck😳😳😳😳😂😂😂😂