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Her Protection (Safe#1)

Her Protection (Safe#1)

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ROCKSTAR2024 By rockstar2024 Completed

#Love #Romance #Caring #Protection #Special #Family#Death

"Let go of her." The mysterious man said lowly through gritted teeth.

"Wow I've only heard about you in stories, Ravens man sent to do all the dirty work." Vince pulled me closer to him and firmly held the gun at my cheek.

"this is your last and only warning. Let go of her and get out or else."

"or else what? you're outnumbered 2 to 1. who is she to you that we have to listen to you." Vince said.

"Yea she's just some dumb kid." Victor added.

I heard the eardrum popping sound of the gun go off and I closed my eyes tightly waiting for the pain, but nothing. I opened my eyes, I was covered in blood but it wasn't mine. I mindlessly turned around and saw Vince's lifeless body on the ground behind me. I heard muffled voices but nothing I can make out.

dragonslove dragonslove Oct 24, 2016
Lol. True though. Not sure if to feel offended or felt honoured to get chosen as the bride
dragonslove dragonslove Oct 24, 2016
Imagining him being serious yet trying to joke. Lol. That must be funny
dragonslove dragonslove Oct 24, 2016
So he's 16 years older? And if she's 17 now he's 33? I don't mind older guy as long as he's hot looking and well kept.. 😍😍
safinakhan52 safinakhan52 Jun 27, 2015
hi .. i apologise in advance if i offend you but I can't help but notice little mistakes.. so i hope you dont mind me correcting them. l look instead of loom