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twink ♡ malum ♡ boyxboy

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hola i'm lola By CosmicVkook Completed

The skirts and flower crowns he wore made him look so innocent. It reminded me of a modern day angel. 

From heaven or Victoria's Secret. Either one worked. 

~started 6.1.15~


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2nd place in the Malum category for the Bromance Awards

ilovedogsabc ilovedogsabc 2 days ago
Guys don't get the wrong impression of Australia, it's a good country and everything but like there's basically no private schools, some of us ride goddamn wombats, we're not the classiest place. Fellow Aussies please back me up on this one
I can tell this non-capitalizing deal is going to get on my nerves real quick...
sunshinyemo sunshinyemo Oct 09
Fuckin r00d ass motherfucker you were just bLESSED with Calum's presence how dAre you
DolanBaby21 DolanBaby21 Jun 15
                              YEAH YOU JUST GOT REJECTED 
                              R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D REJECTED 
                              R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D REJECTED
-annetwist -annetwist Oct 12
That's not me. If they're rude to me, I'm nice. Reason is, I'm scared of getting in trouble and I hate drama